Change How You Discover

Your Shortcut to
Fresh Experiences

Everyone wants to see new things. Use Shortcuts to quickly fill your day with the right new experiences. All from one of the world’s largest catalogue. No more aimless browsing to find your next adventure.

*Be amongst the first to experience more.
Use powerful shortcuts to discover & interact with experiences
Choose from easy to highly personalized solutions
All the details you need, plus real time glimpse of the event
Time travel to the dates that matter
Your plans for the day at a glance
Switch views to browse easily
Stay updated with a real-time map
Change How You Know

Anywhere You Go

It’s hard to follow what’s happening. So we designed a spatial temporal canvas that mirrors reality. Sense city activities and what’s Lit now, or any day. No more being out of loop, home or away.

Change How You Experience

Enjoy More Than
Just The Moment

People look forward and back at their events. To simplify this for users, we built it into the experience. Patrons can find communities, engage live, pool stories, et al. No more distant encounters.

Never lose your tickets again
Quickly pull details you require for access
Step into the ticket for rich engagement & content
Verification for more trusted meets
Be recognized and rewarded for your masteries
Learn more about your relationship with experiences
Change How You Grow

A New Story
From Your Journey

Experiences transform us. Do you wonder what’s changed? Exp. Graph shows you new affinities, bonds, collections. Whoever you become, be rewarded in your growth. No more going nowhere.

We’re reinventing experiences - to be more novel, more relevant, more engaging, more social, more accessible, and more rewarding. Come see for yourself. Get early access to the Beta.